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Online Backup

Online Backup Solutions – Keep It in The Cloud

When backing up your important files such as your documents, pictures and music remember to keep a 1-2-3 approach. Keep the original copy of the files on your computer, Don’t just move them to an external drive Create a copy on to an external Usb Hard Drive or Usb stick […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Computer

Knowing that your computer’s valuable information is safe will help give you peace of mind. Use these 5 tips to learn ways you can help protect the information stored on your computer. Keep Your Software Up to Date Be sure to install new program or software updates that are recommended., […]

4 Tips to Help Improve Your Wireless Network

If you want to boost the signal for your wireless network (WLAN), try some of these tips for extending your wireless range and improving your wireless network speed and performance. Position Router in a Central Location When possible, place your wireless router, wireless modem router (a DSL or cable modem […]

Blue Keyboard

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Virus & Malware  Removal, Hardware & Software Repairs, Data Recovery, Wireless & Wired Networks, New System Setups, PC Repairs & Upgrades, PC Health Checks, Backup Solutions and Home Training All from the comfort of your Home or Office


5 Fantastic Tips for Developing and Creating Better Documents

It is common to want great-looking documents that leave an impact on the viewer, but often there is just not enough time in the day to put the attention to detail that would bring about such an outcome. In order to more easily reach this final goal, Microsoft Office is […]



Recently a few of our clients have been called on their phones by companies claiming to be from Microsoft, Windows or a Microsoft Certified company. The so called consultant advises the person who receives the phone call that their computer is infected by a virus and that they will be […]

How to Make Your Office Computer Run Faster

The tools available in Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 help to make your computer faster, maintain your computer efficiency, and help safeguard your privacy when you’re online. Removing Spyware to Protect Your Computer From Viruses Spyware collects personal information from individuals without the user’s consent […]

How to Make the Most of Internet Radio

Understanding Internet Radio Internet radio stations (or web radio) are defined as real-time or archived broadcasts of public radio stations, which an individual can listen to and enjoy on their own time. However, there are other web radio programs such as TuneIn Radio, ChoiceRadio and SHOUTcast that are intended to […]

Five Useful & Quick Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time

Just using your mouse to make computer commands takes more time than you think – keyboard shortcuts save both time and energy by reducing multiple clicks to a single combination of keys. Keyboard shortcuts are used for tasks that you do all the time, such as opening or saving files.  […]

Sharing Your Vacation With Friends & Family In Real Time

Due to the growing number of free blog, photo-sharing, and social networking websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, YouTube, and Where are You Now? (WAYN), loved ones do not have to wait to hear about your trip. Choosing a Social Network or Photo-sharing Site There are multiple websites that allow […]