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How to Improve Customer Service By Using the Cloud

Customer Service Customer service is one of the most hated things by consumers. One way to deal with providing quality customer service is to use Cloud-based services. Cloud-based services and applications are now starting to reduce this customer service nightmare, allowing small business owners to affordably improve the customer experience […]

6 Tips for Adjusting Your PC to Make Students Concentrate Better

  A student’s concentration can be improved by reducing the number of screen elements competing for a student’s attention. How to Clean and Organize the Desktop Cleaning up the clutter on the desktop can immediately help students focus better on the task of reading or typing. You can easily remove […]


If you own a Hotmail, Yahoo or LinkedIn account you may have recently been hacked.

  In the last few weeks as many as 400,000 e-mail accounts with Yahoo, Hotmail and LinkedIn have been compromised by hackers. Many of these could have been avoided by following a few simple rules to keep your accounts safe and protected from these Internet nasties.     1) Never […]