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Geeks 2 Go Is Now Offering Computer Maintenance Plans.

Regular computer maintenance keeps your computer(s) running smoothly and helps prevent computer problems before they happen, giving you peace of mind. If a computer receives proper and regular maintenance, it can add years to its lifetime. For some of the other businesses we have computer maintenance plans with, we perform […]

Mobile Secutiry

Mobile Device Security Risks

When most people think of hackers they tend to visualize coders breaking into the networks of businesses or hacking government servers with the hope of making money from the victims. What about mobile device risks? Isn’t it possible to hack them as well? The average consumer goes through great lengths […]


3 Ways Tablets Make Small Businesses Faster and Leaner

The phenomenon of tablets in the marketplace is full of opportunity for businesses of every size. We’re not ready to predict the demise of the laptop computer, but are hinged screen/keyboard combos the only platform for serious mobile work? No way! Here are 3 reasons why… For content creation, simply […]