5 Organizational Tips for Managing Computer Files and Folders

Learning better file management can improve time management skills and increase productivity at work.  The following tips are just a few ideas to improve file management skills. Ideas for Managing Your Files and Folders Use a Consistent File and Folder Naming System.  It is imperative that you develop a naming […]

How to Setup Two Monitors On Your Computer

It often times becomes necessary to have more computer monitor space.  One way to increase your amount of screen space is to buy an inexpensive second monitor or make use of an old monitor and connect it to your computer (if you’re using Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP)—allowing […]


Look Professional – Get Your Own Email Address Using A Personalised Domain

Does your business currently have an email address that is tied to your Internet Service Provider such as or maybe you are currently using  a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail account. Although these all give you the ability to send & receive emails , they may not project the most professional […]

Optimizing Battery Power on Your Laptop

The most basic step you can take to prevent power loss on your mobile PC is to invest in a high quality battery and always keep a spare on hand. Splurging on a quality battery and spare can save you from hours of lost access to your mobile PC. Battery […]

Tips for Printing Beautiful Digital Photos at Home

  Recent technology has made printing high-quality digital photos from your home computer a simple, inexpensive process. Using a basic inkjet printer and the following tips, you can easily transform your amateur shots into professional-looking photo albums, wall art or gifts for your loved ones. Photo Resolution Higher resolutions photos […]